Diamondis: Official Release

By James Wadman


I am thrilled to announce that Diamondis will be released on January 25, 2017.

Diamondis is my first novel. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported my writing and creative endeavors up until this point. I am very proud of the work I created, and I am incredibly excited to share it (finally) with you. You may pre-order Diamondis as an eBook from Amazon and Apple starting NOW!


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Plot Summary:

Tomas Stanton, a neuroscientist at Cornell, collapses the day before he leaves for New York City to begin a life in a lab coat. He learns that he has an inoperable brain tumor, but he will survive for as long as it remains in place. Shortly after moving to the city, Tomas gives up his career in medical research to write a reflection on his pending mortality. He crosses paths with a woman named Julia, who takes a sudden interest in his story. Just as soon as they fall in love, Tomas learns that his brain tumor has metastasized and they seek happiness together in the one year that remains in his life.

Coming Soon:

In preparation for the official release on January 25, I will be releasing a series of essays, excerpts, and multi-media projects inspired by the five year journey to writing this novel. Be on the lookout for:

  • Conscious Talks: An overview of the scientific mechanics of Death in Diamondis
  • Writer’s Voyage: The process of writing Diamondis from start to finish
  • About the Artistic inspiration behind Diamondis
  • New Music!!
  • Chapters, poetry, and quotes from the book


Thank you all infinitely for your support!


Looking back on 2016

By James Wadman

I watched this year as many events unfolded that proved our world has an absence of love. However, I am left with hope as the year comes to an end. I want to remind everyone that our love is not suppressed, for I have always believed that the ceiling of love is the stars, utterly intangible and infinite. In this absence is only an open, empty space, and filling that space is a choice we need to make in 2017. A better world is possible and it begins with meaningful personal interactions. It begins with genuine “how are you?”’s, engaging in meaningful conversations, and listening to different points of view, taking a moment before reposting and spreading hate, looking forward to the future and finding happiness in the smaller moments of the present. It begins with you and me becoming us, and the world becoming one.

It seems like only yesterday I was writing a post about looking back on 2015. Now it is time to say goodbye to another year with a little bit more experience and wisdom. The highlights of my year here on this blog revolve around the completion of a few projects. Here are some of the most notable things we talked about here:

I look forward to 2017 being a year where I get to release a lot of new material that has been in development for quite a while now. Thank you to everyone who still keeps up with me after all these years of writing on my blog. The last bit of wisdom I will part with is a message I wrote at the end of last year:  When you ask a question, you must be prepared to face an answer that comes along with many more questions. It is easy to settle for uncertainty, wondering only “if” and not “when” in pursuit of your ambitions. The more questions you ask, the more ominous the immediate future became but also that the treasure just beyond the horizon is worth the journey. Pursue an answer to the questions in your life, especially those that will bring you closer to your passions, your dreams, and to those you love.

Bye for now!


To Have Lived at All

From a dream 12/04/2016:

It was any ordinary day. I go to work, I try to admire the world and others, I do my best. I was working on writing an exam for my job in the chemistry program at the university when my vision began to fade. At first I thought nothing of this. Growing up with syncope, lapses of consciousness were not unfamiliar occurrences to me. However, this time it was sustained and came with a harsher, prolonged separation from reality. I thought I might be in trouble, so I ran to find someone.

I pleaded to the first person I found to call an ambulance in shaky, inarticulate words as I fell to the ground. My eyes were closing, but I told myself I only needed to breathe. I might fall asleep on the ground of a university hallway, but I would wake up at the destination of the ambulance that was en route to save me. And sure enough, I did.

I woke up in a hospital bed beside overjoyed family members, none of whom I recognized. A man took my hand and I was surprised at how his hand engulfed mine, as if he were a giant with a friendly face. When he moved closer I could see in the reflection of the window that I was not myself — or at least not who I was before the fall. I was a child and this was my father. My life, the life of James Wadman, the neurobiologist, chemistry specialist, writer, and musician was the dream of a young boy in the midst of his chemotherapy treatment.

I was still looking in my reflection in the window when the world faded again. This time, I woke up in bed at home.

When the clock runs out of time, I learned that it is a blessing to have lived at all.

Conscious Talks: To Break the Silence, II


By James Wadman

On a political agenda.

To state a cliché, Ghandi told us that “we but mirror the world. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude change towards him.” It is difficult to accept that hatred still exists, and perhaps now it is more difficult to initiate the proper change to a new world. But let us not forget that compassion is what we are perpetually fighting for, and when we riot – or in any way fight fire with fire against opposing political and social ideologies– we silence our message in the loudest way possible. What is more powerful than anger against hatred is a stance in solidarity, together as brothers and sisters in this nation, and only then can we create happiness and unity that cannot be stripped away.


On passion.

When we are young we think about our passions in terms of dreaming about a career, and it gets locked in us to believe that we are only following our passion if we live up to the expectation that we have to be an astronaut (or a doctor or an engineer or the president…) when we grow up. In reality, and this branches from our maturity as we start to see the world for what it is, our passions can be of a much more sophisticated origin.

I have come to realize recently that in your pursuit of following your dreams you should keep an open mind to venture into other knowns as well as a realistic mind, so as not to abandon a logical expectation of your wellbeing. We are not abandoning our passion if we replace one dream with another, even in the case that an esoteric passion is the replacement for the aforementioned childhood expectation. More specifically, I mean to say that with age it becomes acceptable to replace your dream of being an astronaut with the fulfillment of simple pleasures leading toward genuine happiness. One might abandon the pursuit of becoming a millionaire for the pursuit of a relationship and a family. And believe it or not, this is not a compromise on ambition or your worth to society.


On midnight sun.

A year ago I wrote the first song I ever released to the public, and only a week later I received back the fully mastered version of the song. Music to me is one of the greatest forms of self-expression. Digging through the notes in my phone, I found a quote that defined music as “the overlap between past and present emotions we can’t explain.” This is absolutely true for Midnight Sun because it bridges the gap between two very different times and places of my life and tells the story of just how fortunate I am to be here in this world. I hope you will enjoy the final version of Midnight Sun!

You can listen on:



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Visual Feature: Dreams

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