To Lucid Dream, Part Six: Final Frontiers (Advanced Technique)

By James Wadman

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If you have made it this far, I offer you my congratulations. Ahead of us is the final frontier, as we stand in a vivid dream on the brink of the unlimited exploration within our creative minds. Herein lies one of the most challenging feats known to any dreamer. In this guide I must confess that the science is muddled in the unlocked mysteries of human consciousness and there is no evidence I can support other than trial and error. However, this last technique is one that few people can execute, and those that can often stumble upon it by chance, but I want to offer advice that few people possess.

I spoke of the time bomb effect in my second guide, where I blamed consciousness for why we wake up so swiftly after the lucid dream begins. While this is not untrue, it is not the whole story. I recently had a lucid dream in which I was caught in a purely white world, a world that allowed only observation. Yet I was conscious in this dream and there was no direct threat of waking up because of it. It seemed almost as if I were gingerly placed in the purgatory of dream states. I was without emotion,and  I was without the physical structures that make me human. I could only observe, as a transparent mind floating in an abstract vision. What I took from this was the simple idea that consciousness and dream states do not have to be mutually exclusive. While consciousness triggers wakefulness, it is not the only the dominating force in the termination of our lucid dreams.

So, now I ask, what was missing from my lucid dream purgatory that protected me from waking up? There are many factors, perhaps too many to count, that can be a danger to the stability of lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is exciting, maybe a little frightening. They inspire wonder and happiness. All of these factors play a role in the time bomb effect, but still all of these factors were predominantly absent in my white world. Then it hit me. Movement. The key is movement.

Now for the best kept secret of lucid dreaming. In To Lucid Dream, part 5 I addressed the first step of lucid dreaming as Learn to run before you can fly, not yet knowing the importance and literal significance of these words. In a dream you are a construct solely designed by your mind, meaning you are independent of the physical structures that make you human. You a pattern of plasticity, a consolidation of relevant systems in your brain, but you are not your arms and legs. Your arms and legs, your fingertips and toes, are all tools of the conscious mind and have no use in dream state landscapes. Therefore, if your conscious mind tries to utilize these tools of the physical world, you will almost certainly wake up and the boundaries between your physical self and your dream self will dissipate. Staying awake in lucid dreams is only possible if you learn to fly. Don’t try to run from point A to point B, simply imagine yourself being at point B and the rest will work itself out. Imagine yourself as a videogame character and you are holding a controller. You do not need to use the legs of the character; you only need to signify the direction or the destination.

I understand the challenges and the potential for skepticism in this final step. However, as I have said before, with my experiences in lucid dreams and the inspiration I have gained by seeing beautiful worlds so unique from our own, I often wonder why more people don’t try to lucid dream. Sleeping patterns and dreams are not fully understood biologically and evolutionarily, but as humans we have the opportunity to explore hidden worlds every single night.

As always with my guides and posts on dreaming, I will address all questions and comments by either responding or writing new posts that provide answers. You can also reach me through email or send a message on Tumblr. Good luck and safe travels.

Piano Rift EP

By James Wadman

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas. I figured today would be as good a day as any to share something very special that I’ve worked on for quite some time. My Piano Rift EP includes the very first two songs I wrote and produced on Ableton Live, which I have been waiting to release.  I finished up the project the last week in Park City, UT and I am very happy with the results. I released the EP for streaming on soundcloud and a download will be available very soon from Itunes. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to follow me on soundcloud and Instagram!

In other news, 2015 will be filled with new material, including poetry, music, new lucid dream guides, and more. Stay up to date by subscribing via email or on wordpress. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!



By James Wadman

I firmly believe that our story lingers in the stars, cosmically intertwined with our origin and our fate. Therein lies the message I received from the recent film, Interstellar, that the future will be built by ideas barely conceivable, derived only from those who “dare to aim higher,” and that the revolutions that will one day save our planet from great adversity will be built on the science and technology that surpasses the believable. Humanity’s true purpose depends on the virtue of daringness to explore the open cosmic frontier. Our purpose here on earth is not to solve all the issues that divide us. Our purpose is to rise above the elements of division that break us apart and unite us under one mission into the future: the exploration of space.

When I write music, I strive for the same message through a different medium. If I can convince someone that there is more to life than our daily rituals and that something incredible exists far beyond the scope of humanity, then I’ve had a successful day with my music. Please enjoy my very first musical release with Eric Averetta, an unofficial theme for the Interstellar movie at a modest 138bpm.



One Goal in Mind


My writing comes in waves of availability. Recent times have come with no lack of inspiration; however, I have not published much writing and I would like to share with you the reason why. In the recent months my effort has been in applying to medical school, where I hope to start a brand new chapter of my life. It is such that I have one goal in mind right now. I hope to share with you my recent works soon, but for now all of my effort needs to be where it has been and where it will be for just a short while longer: in getting into the best school for me. I know I can count of my frequent readers and any newcomers to check back time to time because when the time is right I will show you all some exciting new projects I have worked on in my spare time. If you would like to keep up in the meantime, follow me on Instagram @Jhwadman or Tumblr.



The View from 30,000


(written July 14th, flying above Scotland)

Months ago I wrote on perception and the mind’s ability to be anywhere at any time, against the forces of nature and the logical restraints of circumstance. The dreamer’s quest is intrinsic to humanity, and this dream is something we both embrace and reject in our lifetimes. “Tonight I can be in the sky, miles above my bed.  I can hover above the pale blue clouds beneath the stars that shine beside our beloved white moon,” I wrote. I envisioned myself soaring with the sapphire stars above a satin blanket of clouds between the earth and myself. Beyond all hope I merely dreamt of a moment in which I was a part of the night sky. Tonight I am writing from a plane coasting above the Atlantic. I do not know the time, but what would the numbers even mean if I knew? As I watch the sun catching up to us, I realize that we have crossed so many time zones and traveled so many hours today that it seems as if the time of day would mean nothing.

It was a simple dream to achieve, to be irrelevant for a moment, but seeing the world illuminated by the sun’s fire from one edge of the earth was spectacularly beautiful, and it was a gentle reminder that dreams come true.



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