Diamondis: A Novel by James Wadman

By James Wadman

Diamondis is a love story that begins at the moment of a man’s untimely death. With the secondhand on the clock poised in space, Tomas revisits the moments in his life that inspire the creation of his “afterlife.” While I deal with dark issues such as death, mental illness, and heartbreak, I leave the reader with a sense of optimism and a reason to cherish the love that exists before and after life.

Tomas Stanton, a neuroscientist at Cornell, collapses the day before he leaves for New York City to begin a life in a lab coat. He learns that he has an inoperable brain tumor, but he will survive for as long as it remains in place. Shortly after moving to the city, Tomas gives up his career in medical research to write a reflection on his pending mortality. Tomas meets a woman named Julia on the streets of New York City, who takes a sudden interest in his story. Just as soon as they fall in love, Tomas learns that his brain tumor has metastasized and he is given one year to live. In that year, Julia takes Tomas to the west coast to say goodbye to an old friend who played a key role in his memoir.

I am proud to say that my novel, Diamondis, is finished. The road ahead will be determined by the logistics of its release. I want to do some creative personal projects and collaborations between now and the release, so stay tuned. If you have any questions or a burning desire to preview my work, please send me an email at

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Diamondis is a novel written by James Wadman

Copyright James Wadman 2016

To Live a Life of Meaning

By James Wadman

To live a meaningful life means accepting the notion of sacrifice, embracing your passions, learning what it means to never lose sight of what is important. I can’t tell anyone with any certainty how I made it here, how many times I’ve fallen or for how far, or where I had to escape to in order to avoid confronting the pain of failure or the fear of further rejection. It’s not easy and if anyone tells you success came easy to them, then they are fortunate beyond measure. But I am, too. In the end, I am overjoyed to fail and excited at the possibility to fail again.


The Meaning of Life

By James Wadman
What is the meaning of life? She asked.
I laughed until I realized she was serious.
It is not the ocean or the stars or you or me. The meaning of life is a dream that floats from person to person. This dream is contextual, sometimes a lie, and every so often it is all a person needs to be free.
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As long as the universe exists, there is something to be created and something to be explored. James Wadman
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