Seeds of Diamondis: Ellie

Some people converge, others collide.

They sat in a white room on a small bed with pink sheets bound like the rippling current of a magnetic force. It was not a force that existed eternally in time but one that still enveloped some subjective significance, like a genuine taste of the cosmos.


Excerpt from Diamondis, by James Wadman

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Introducing Diamondis

Diamondis is a love story in the context of death

We see those we loved when were children as angels, for we loved when we did not yet know the identity of humans or the significance of our warm-blooded biological nature. So when we recall these moments lost long ago to the ever growing, multiplying, and revising physiological processes that govern our accessible memories and cognition systems, we search for new explanations that make sense to our realistic perspective. It seems a shame, though. To me the nature and perspective of that love experienced by a child who does not have a complete grip of identity or biological realities is far nearer to the deeper love that we experience and cannot fully explain. Even when you can identify every force of true and deep love, there are mysteries in that love until the very end. Diamondis is a description of that love, marked by the promise of love’s permanence by a man who faces oblivion in his final second of consciousness.

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Diamondis is my “debut” novel. All previews, excerpts, and descriptions on my websites and social media accounts are copyrighted by me (James Wadman).

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