This Moment

There are times in our lives when it is necessary to take a moment to breathe slowly, to reflect on where we are and where we are headed. Ironically, these are the times when patience is most difficult. When we so deeply want to move forward, it is easy to miss the value in stasis.

What are your goals in life? Do you wish for permanence or for tranquility in the moment? Are you in search of laughter or something deeper? Are you just trying to get by? Will you be content looking back at your life, knowing you only tried for moderate satisfaction?

These are the questions that arise during slow breaths, when the world spins around you. It is necessary to be okay with these moments because, just like the risks we take and the long hours of working hard to achieve your goals, these moments help to illustrate the reach of your dreams.

“This Moment” was a quick thought that came to me as I was listening over to the mastered version of my new song, “Bridge to Permanence.” If you are visiting my blog on a computer browser, it is likely that you are listening to Bridge to Permanence playing in the background. If not, you can catch it on YouTube or Soundcloud.

Love is Found

“What gives us hope in life is the sense that love is not found in predictable symmetry or straight edges. The closest we can get to perfection are the moments we can’t put into words, but can still feel when nothing is left.”

Excerpt From: James Wadman. “Diamondis.” James Wadman, 2017. iBooks.

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Edge of the World // Origins

The Music From Diamondis

By James Wadman

“Dark clouds sat low on the horizon, nearly taking the form of mountains on another shore. Above him, however, was only the starlit sky. Here at the end of the world he sat in peace, watching the waves crash into the white foam of a black-pebbled beach. There was an ocean before him, and for the first time he knew that there was nothing beyond the clouds cradling the moon and stars. All that existed or ever could exist in this world were figments of his memory or, much like a dream, an unconscious rendering of what was loosely captured by peripheral attention and stored away.”

-James Wadman, from Diamondis

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Music was integral to the writing of Diamondis. Even the most purely visual descriptions were inspired by the sounds of strings, ambient reverb over a piano’s resonance, and the earth’s orchestrated silence. Today I am presenting the first two songs from my Diamondis album. These songs are intended to compliment the storyline of my story.


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Diamondis: Official Release

By James Wadman


I am thrilled to announce that Diamondis is now available.

Diamondis is my first novel. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported my writing and creative endeavors up until this point. I am very proud of the work I created, and I am incredibly excited to share it (finally) with you. You may purchase Diamondis as an eBook from Amazon and Apple starting NOW!


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If you are a book reviewer or a book worm or a general enthusiast or writing kind words down on paper, send me a message on my About Page about getting a free iBook promotion for rating and reviewing purposes!

Plot Summary:

Tomas Stanton, a neuroscientist at Cornell, collapses the day before he leaves for New York City to begin a life in a lab coat. He learns that he has an inoperable brain tumor, but he will survive for as long as it remains in place. Shortly after moving to the city, Tomas gives up his career in medical research to write a reflection on his pending mortality. He crosses paths with a woman named Julia, who takes a sudden interest in his story. Just as soon as they fall in love, Tomas learns that his brain tumor has metastasized and they seek happiness together in the one year that remains in his life.

Coming Soon:

In preparation for the official release on January 25, I will be releasing a series of essays, excerpts, and multi-media projects inspired by the five year journey to writing this novel. Be on the lookout for:

  • Conscious Talks: An overview of the scientific mechanics of Death in Diamondis
  • Writer’s Voyage: The process of writing Diamondis from start to finish
  • About the Artistic inspiration behind Diamondis
  • New Music!!
  • Chapters, poetry, and quotes from the book


Thank you all infinitely for your support!


To The Earth

By James Wadman



If you asked me about the future of humanity I inevitably think of our place in the stars. It is natural that the minds of the conscious wander toward the things in our universe that are larger than life. But now more than ever, the debate seems to be is our destination in the sky or in circuitry of virtual realities? First we must answer, is the fate of humanity in progress or the dust of our self-inflicted ashes? And if we can cohesively strive for progress, we might find that our fate is infinite, both in the space that exists above us and in the space between transient pulses of binary gates.

Inevitably, though, we are meant to leave this earth. Will we do it together, or will we wave goodbye to lives left behind?

To the Earth is a testament to the first step mankind took toward this goal, and an optimistic gesture toward the flightpath of our ascension into the stars.

Achilleus is the collaborative project of Eric Averetta and James Wadman. A symbol of transcendence, Achilleus is a return to authentic trance as it first was intended. “To the Earth” is a testament to the first step mankind took toward this goal, and an optimistic gesture toward the flightpath of our ascension into the stars. This video was composed using mirrored time lapse footage in Austin, Texas. There are automated 180 degree and 45 degree mirrors with zoom-movement in exported footage.

The Prayer, Part II

Poem by James Wadman

And if in time, the land I know shrivels
If you forget my name and the blue of the sea
collapses into gray
I’ll believe the words you
reminded me to create:
That a lover’s touch is infinite
above the clouds, the moon, the stars,
I’ll collide into your arms
In a dream, in heaven
where ever you are.

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As long as the universe exists, there is something to be created and something to be explored. James Wadman
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