Distractions, a Poem

Poem by James Wadman

Incandescent like the course of lovers intertwined,
We were stoic, eclipsed by the night’s open sky
Beneath these hearts ruptured and loss left behind,
We’ve forgotten what it means to just get by.


I promised a poem for this week, so here it is: Distractions. I’ve reworded this poem at least a dozen times, and I think I finally found the way the words are supposed to fit together. This poem reflects a storyline told in other short poems, particularly the whole story, part I and first untitled.

Now Accepting Submissions – June

The most important part of my website is by far the interaction with other members of the community. It is therefore important to me that I continue to find new ways of allowing the voices of my readers to be heard. This month I am introducing a “Submissions” feature on my blog, which showcases talent from all my readers. All of the guidelines can be found here. I will collect submissions and post them together on June 16th.

The topic for submissions this month will be poetry. Now, I want to emphasize, encourage, and hopefully cultivate some extraordinary creativity with this feature. So what do I mean by poetry? I always love reading conventional poetry, such as your free-verse, haikus, etc.. However, I also want to see the extent to which the word poetry can apply to broader scopes of literature, media, and art. I hope that together we can define poetry in a way that captures all forms of art.

Click here to submit!

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Coding for Cancer ~ Conclusion

By James Wadman

It should be noted that coding and biology are both fields in which our current knowledge is impressive but minimal in comparison to what is to be known. This idea for coding the human genome in a way in which a person’s genotype can give instantaneous feedback is therefore not limited to disease prevention and treatment. In fact, at some point it is feasible to weigh every gradient of phenotypic expression in coordination with one’s genotype in standardized environments, as well as providing insight to how diet, drug-use, pathogen exposure, medical history, physical location, sleep patterns, and other environmental factors can impact a given person in unique ways based on collected information. It is through brute quantities of information that the complexity of the code will be constructed, rather than anything particularly complicated in the nature of the code.

The truth of the future, our future, in the coexistence of biology, medicine, and computer science is how we choose to interpret computational, literal solutions to problems that might question our ethics and standards. It is guaranteed that computing power will process collective information, and computer science and logic will become essential for representing structured solutions to complex biological problem. What is not guaranteed, however, is how we honorably use this information.


Click here to learn How the Code Works, and for the Full Article!

Next week will be a break from the technical, and hopefully a breath of fresh air for my readers. Expect poetry and music on Tuesday and next Thursday.

Anthology of Life and Science

It is my honor to release a short collection of poetry from the last year accompanied by my newest poem entitled Dissonance. The full anthology can be accessed here. Thank you for the support over the last year, and I hope you enjoy this collection. Exciting things are on the horizon, as always.



Time Enough to Let it All Go

“I don’t have time” is a fateful expression of the human language. Yes, nearly everyone on this earth feels as if time moves too quickly, and, yes, nearly everyone experiences time more quickly as age increases. However, there is never a reason to allow all the stressors in your life to take control. It only takes a few minutes, or even sometimes only a single deep breath, to let it all go.

I reached certain milestones I worked hard for over the past couple weeks in terms of readership and my follower base. I want to say thanks to everyone who takes the time out of their day to read my posts, view my pictures, and listen to my music. The video above coalesces these ideas into a short 86 seconds that encourages you to breathe deeply for a brief moment. I shot a time-lapse and wrote a little song specifically for the video in the name of letting go (make sure it’s on HD!). I hope you enjoy.

-James Wadman

Conditional, a poem

Poem by James Wadman

Original Photos: Ana Gómez de León and Cosmic Time Traveler (see instagram)

I touched her cheek as if I could take her
away from the secrets that claw at her heart,
when sorrow climbs from her own creations
unseen to the world aside from her maker,
they settle like white snow on her coat.
She says there is no prayer or beauty
if her story ends in sorrow and snow.
And when I can’t steal her from dark,
she says the face of a hero does not suit me.
But these little if’s and when’s mean nothing.
I still see the sun on the snow in the skies
and a glimpse of the remedy in your eyes.


The Useful Soul Awareness Project

By James Wadman

I am so grateful for my readers, whether you are subscribers or passersby. However, I see a bigger picture than just readers stopping by for my words.  I see instead the endeavors of men and women searching for answers, inspiration, and awareness.  And so it makes me overjoyed specifically that you are searching for reasons to see our world as beautiful and meaningful.  This week, I am taking this to heart and giving my website title “Useful Soul” new importance and a new meaning.  It represents awareness and enlightenment, and a journey to making the world a better place.

The Useful Soul Awareness Project will be an ongoing educational series dedicated to scientific and medical awareness, in my own language. I will cover topics such as medical diseases, genetic conditions, new experiments, and research techniques. As a supplement to my own writing, I will go above and beyond to find the best resources on all topics covered and places to get involved if you become so inclined as to take action. Stay tuned!



Hanging in a Balance

James Wadman

We are moving pieces of an orchestra written by nobody, where chaos scripts a balance of good and evil equidistant to devastation and salvation. Such is the very constructs from which all mores incidentally originate. Perception of chaos so vast can make patterns from the rubble if you search hard enough, and yet perceptions themselves cannot be regarded as true equalities hanging in a balance. When we search for truth where there is none, we eliminate unique spectrums and conditions, we replace character with objective nonsense, and only when we step further back we can see that the balance is only centered because possibility stretches to infinity in either direction, where any point is equal to another only by its relationship to the edge of equidistant infinities.

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As long as the universe exists, there is something to be created and something to be explored. James Wadman
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