Chasing Trains

I can hear the train howling to empty tracks,
Quiet and alone as the dawn from the night,
she still calls out for someone to hear
In melancholy and in the virtue of forgiveness
She stepped beneath the keys,
Holding onto these strings that play for me.

Inspired by a late night, Chasing Trains is one of the my most recent free-verse poems. I hope you will enjoy!

Rise after the Fall: On Paris

In and of all the darkness
I’ll let the wind scatter us
across the fallen world
ruin or rapture, peace
is not the price of mercy.

When you can’t put the world into words it is important to have different ways of expressing yourself. I have remained silent over the last week since the awful terrorist attacks in Paris because I didn’t have the perfect words to say. Today I return to say that we are stronger now and while I may never have a “perfect” reflection, I want to give my final sentiment on the matter:

How we move forward will define our future as a sovereign world. Our ideologies, our privileges, and our resiliency depend on our strength and solidarity. We must see beyond an attack and be reminded of the beauty that exists in our world.




Conscious Talks: On Computation

By James Wadman

There exists a fragile balance between science and art, treaded only by the bravest innovators in modern society. The common thread in our society between analytical objectivity and ingenuity is embedded in computation. It seems ironic that I should suggest that the most objective, logical sequences of our technological language should be the one and only force that will launch both the artist and scientist well into the future, but I do so with certainty.

And why? I believe that with computation comes the knowledge of a library interwoven by the subjective analysis of one thousand human minds. What makes code so dazzling, so brilliant– dare I say even so transcending?—is that it incorporates the interactive thought process of the writer of the code over an extended period of time and then relinquishes all the hours of coding into one single computational output. This library is built from the code and all of its data, and the weave is the human mind in the form of functions, classes, and comprehensive data sets.

With modern computation our knowledge will increase exponentially. We can suggest correlations with greater precision based on massive cross-analysis with stored experimental data, leading to greater efficiency in what we choose as our variables in the next experiments. We will create computation-derived variables that were never before considered or bring light to mathematical variables previously existent only in theory. We can continue to improve automation, and we can allow the automatic to experience, to reflect, and ultimate exist among the sentient, conscious minds.

Are we gods? Maybe not, but certainly we can create them.


Photographing Norway and Iceland

All I have to say is that I am thankful to the world for being so abundant in beauty.


Please click here for the full gallery

Traveling the ethereal landscapes and photographing Norway and Iceland was one of the greatest privileges of my life, and I am glad to still be sharing memories and inspiration from my experiences. As promised, this is the complete “Photographing an Adventure” collection from my summer travels to Norway and Iceland. Instead of hosting the gallery here on my site, I am offering the chance to view and use these pictures absolutely free via Unsplash. While it is up to you what you do with these pictures (and even whether or not you give credit), if you do choose to use any of these pictures on your own site I would love to hear back from you to know how you used them and why. I’d like to give a special thanks also to the main photographer, my brother.


The City of Silence

By James Wadman

I am tracking the sounds of cars rushing by me, as I sit at the bus stop on the corner. One by one or all at once they roar from left to right. I don’t have to watch them to know they are here and then there, to sense the hurry and the ticking of time winding down to an artificial title of “late” or “on time.” I am writing on my phone, like many of my peers showcasing the notion that I’m glued to a device that’s glued to the superficial world, though here I am simply painting the outside world without having to see it.

I come to think of true silence, something I have seldom experienced. There’s a difference between quiet and silence. The night is quiet, even in the big city, and the mountains in Colorado and California are quiet. But they are just quiet. I recall a destination 10km into the valleys behind a volcano in Iceland, where silence is dominant even when you yell to hear your echo briskly fade back into nothing. And it is this contrast between reverberation and stillness that defines the subtle wonders of sound and the soundless.

Every so often I look up to check if my bus has arrived, and I reaffirm my portrait of morning life in the city.



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As long as the universe exists, there is something to be created and something to be explored. James Wadman
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