Diamondis Dedication

By James Wadman

Only in the night of cloudless treason
May I reach my hand into the sky.
I can touch the stars devoid of reason,
to feel you here in all of your light.
Undo my bones, I ask, for restructure
As I bless the scorn of my beloved destructor.


My novel, Diamondis, is a dedication to all who have loved and lost, those who crave to believe life is one journey and death is another, and those who search for magical truths in their daily lives. There is no one who walks this earth that is not capable of feeling the light of the stars.  There is no one who is not an integral part of our universe. These are two themes that pervade my story, as we embark on an adventure through life and beyond with the protagonist.

My poem above takes the place of a direct dedication, for it encapsulates what I want to offer everyone who chooses to read this book when it is published. My song, Midnight Sun, was written to cradle the words of this poem. It is a song inspired by the wanderlust of world travels, meant to bring you to the far side of the world from where ever you might find yourself.

The song can be downloaded here for free (or pay what you want). Of course you can also listen to it as many times as you want on YouTube.


Conscious Talks: Q&A

I welcome all questions here at my blog, so I am thrilled when I receive enough great questions to create a whole post dedicated to answering them.  I will highlight a few questions from the comment section of my posts, mostly with the exact question and answer given originally.  As always, I will be answering any additional questions in the comment section for this post.

Q: The study of brain may turn out to be a centuries-long endeavour. 300 years from now we might still be faced with its deepest mysteries. I am always wondering what could we possibly learn during the next 1000 years that we don’t know now, how big that difference would be and how would we perceive our present knowledge and lack of it from this future perspective. How much there is still to learn and how much more do we don’t know than we know that we don’t know?

The thing about the brain is that it is the storage space for everything that makes us human, and one of the most important things we do as a society is use a combinations of science, sociology, psychology, and politics to define what being human even is. I suspect that in 1,000 years so much will change about our perception that we will view the current humans as some sort of primitive animal. And here’s why: 1) we don’t know what consciousness is, so we can’t fully utilize our subjective intelligence, 2) we don’t know complete what aspects of our anxieties and emotions are outdated evolutionary tools that are disposable in the modern world, and 3) life will be longer, the world will be more populated, and if we manage to survive that long, the world will HAVE to be a much different place because the current trend inevitably leads us to our demise (grim, I know, but this is a scale of 1,000 years and much can happen). So, in short, the answer to your question of how big the difference will be over the next thousand here is going to either be the difference between demise and survival (think a doomed society that just barely overcomes extinction, like in Interstellar) or if we can resolve some of the issues we are facing early we are talking the difference between intelligent, sentient beings and optimally advanced cyberorganisms traveling the universe. Take your pick what you want to believe in for our future.

As for what we don’t know, we still don’t understand sleep and dreaming, consciousness, full networks in the brain, the exact mechanisms and molecules involved in learning, why the brain breaks down during Alzheimers (we are in a chicken/egg situation with this), why certain chemicals found in plants can cure anxieties better than pharmaceuticals that we think are targeting the right systems, and many more. And in learning the answers to these things, we can then cure insomnia, optimize consciousness, treat diseases more efficiently, optimize learning, reverse neurodegeneration, build stronger medications, and so on.  Summarized, I would say that we are no longer evolving in our relative framework of existence and if the human species wants to thrive and survive, we must learn how to optimize intelligence, medicine, and mental health. 

Q: Are the photographs on this blog yours?

This has become one of the most frequently asked questions since I redesigned my blog a short time ago.  Photographs on my blog come from one of three different places: my instagram, my brother’s photography collection (which is where I got the featured image for this post), and unsplash.  My brother’s photography collection can be found here, and you can follow his instagram here. He is a member of the Useful Soul Media family so I definitely recommend checking his work out, as he is also responsible for all the images I use on my youtube channel.  If necessary, I will go to unsplash for images when necessary.  Unsplash is truly one of the great resources for bloggers and web developers, who are looking for fair use of high quality images.  The Useful Soul team backs up Unsplash 100%!  I am trying to use more and more of my own/my brother’s images these days, but I really just look to find the best images for the content on any particular day.

Q: I was a lucid dreamer when I was younger, but I would like to get back into it now.  What can I do to regain control of my dreams?

My lucid dream guide is intended for people who are just learning how to lucid dream, but can also be applied to those who are looking to refine their techniques.  I say this because one of the most proven techniques in lucid dreaming for me (and I will continue to emphasize this time and again) is to make dreaming something you frequently think about whether you are asleep or awake.  You will hear from anyone the importance of knowing what “wakeful awareness” feels like so that you can differentiate that feeling from sleeping consciousness (aka lucid dreaming). Therefore, even just rereading techniques you already know can help you.  You can also ask me any specific questions regarding obstacles you face in regaining the ability to lucid dream and please share with me what works and what doesn’t.  Lucid dreaming is not something that is scientifically quantifiable as we currently understand it, so all the information I provide is off of experience and anecdotal evidence.


If you have any further questions let me know! I would love to discuss any and all topics covered on my website.


Image from SentientSentry.com – Useful Soul


July Submissions: Describe Your Favorite Place

I am getting pretty excited for my vacation to Norway and Iceland beginning in mid-July.  In the spirit of traveling to new and wonderful places, I decided that my July submissions feature will be relatively simple: describe your favorite place in the world.  I can think of so many places I have been that spoke to me spiritually, poetically, and aesthetically, so I would love to hear about the places that inspired you.  As always I want to emphasize creativity.  Maybe your favorite place isn’t a destination but a state of mind.  In such a case, tell me about that state of mind.  Maybe your favorite place is conditionally dependent on the people around you — then, describe those people.  I will be accepting poetry, prose, non-fiction, memoirs, photography, music, multi-media, and anything else really that you can come up with for a submission.  The best photograph submitted will be honored as the feature image, and I will try to include all other images in the post body (especially if they go along with some words!).


Have fun with it and relive all the amazing memories from your favorite place. Click here to submit!




It’s been a great week over here in the Useful Soul Media studio.  First we got to celebrate some of the best in wordpress poetry through my first submission feature, and now I am releasing the full version of the very first song I ever wrote and produced with the help of a good friend. The song is called Dreamcatcher and the preview is available to watch now on youtube with an official release on iTunes likely to come on the first of July.

Music is necessary in my life as a form of inspiration and release.  Creativity is a vital component to any scientific mind, and I don’t know what I would do without the people in my life who make it all possible.  Please go check out Dreamcatcher and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Also, a special thanks goes out to the Cosmic Time Traveler, the head of Sentient Sentry Blog for editing the image used for the youtube video, originally from Unsplash. I love seeing what creative minds can accomplish when we all work together (hey, not unlike your incredible contribution to this months feature).

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I will be updating the submissions page early next week to introduce the topic for the July feature, so look out for that.



Your Submissions for June

July Submissions Are Now Open! Click Here to Submit!

I am so grateful to be in such an incredible community of writers, artists, and bloggers.  This was the first time I have ever reached out to opening up submissions and I was blown away by what you all came up with.  The theme for June was poetry in every form.  My original plan was to publish the top three poems for June, but with all these submissions I decided to extend the number to seven (including the featured image).  Remember, if your submission is not here that probably means it is getting saved for another month because I can’t post every one every month!


Face Reminders

By Thom Amundsen

Through the glass she smiled straight ahead
with pensive eyes inside a sun streaked pane
that face is familiar
a typical roadway stop
if when we glance
can we define lives
within our reach
yet safe and detached.
I remember the time
traveling with even pace,
I came upon her eyes
a few lights at a time,
she never glanced at him,
always looking ahead.
I wondered if just once,
might she turn my way,
would her contemplation
become one of joy.
the lights turned green again,
soon he drove her away
the next few highways
left me wondering about her,
could she be happy,
glancing straight ahead.
I wonder what her life might be
while we see our lives
together in the waves
while we face reminders.
Our lives in a glance

A Tale Bleeding Out A Withered Soul

By Kiki Stamatiou

She fell into rivers of doubt,
her heart wounded by all he said,
leads Dominica without any clout
amongst a father who wished her dead.
How can such an atrocity commence
a tale bleeding out a withered soul
clearly diseased by his foolish candor,
driven by a steer under false pretense?
A curse befalls him
now under duress.
She went on a whim
to hear him confess,
“My eyes have grown old,
and my sold now sold.”



By Jaimie Scott

Wrecked and abandoned,
slowly fading,
being washed away,
but then saved when you say my name.


Theological Quest

By Beverly Armour Gilyard

The calm visage
Exuding confident peace
In proximity to ethically transformed being;
Paradigm for friendship’s release
Tradition renounced for knowledge
of a soul;
Passengers of life
on narrowly-fit road.
Soul’s curious desire:
to know and understand another,
Without respect to gender
But the centrality of humanness:
Bonded beings: touching, feeling, knowing.
Grasping the moment
To reveal one’s thoughts.
Simply shared thoughts,
Simply shared minds,
Simply shared lives.
The Theological Quest.


Final Destination

By S.b | Miss Lavendius

Take her on a journey; to a place far away. A place she has yet to see; a place with no name. Take her on a journey where she can feed her peace. A place without pretending; a place where she’s at ease. Take her on a journey that’ll make her heart grow fonder. A place where she’s protected; a place no one can harm her. Take her on a journey; to her final destination. A safe haven she can call ‘her home of inspiration.’ Take her on a journey; to that place that lies within. That place within your beating chest; adorn her in eternal abyss.

Poem 62

By Randall Niemi

Another sleepless night
wide awake
3 a.m.
pounding on my chamber door
keeping me from my slumber,
of the words I should have said
or the deeds I should have done.
Mistakes and Insecurities
that manifest and grow,
like a cancer,
make me question everything I know.


Thank you again for all of your submissions and to those who will have their submissions posted in later months. I will post the topic for next month by next week and the July submissions will be collected and published just before I leave the country for vacation on the seventeenth.


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