By James Wadman

I firmly believe that our story lingers in the stars, cosmically intertwined with our origin and our fate. Therein lies the message I received from the recent film, Interstellar, that the future will be built by ideas barely conceivable, derived only from those who “dare to aim higher,” and that the revolutions that will one day save our planet from great adversity will be built on the science and technology that surpasses the believable. Humanity’s true purpose depends on the virtue of daringness to explore the open cosmic frontier. Our purpose here on earth is not to solve all the issues that divide us. Our purpose is to rise above the elements of division that break us apart and unite us under one mission into the future: the exploration of space.

When I write music, I strive for the same message through a different medium. If I can convince someone that there is more to life than our daily rituals and that something incredible exists far beyond the scope of humanity, then I’ve had a successful day with my music. Please enjoy my very first musical release with Eric Averetta, an unofficial theme for the Interstellar movie at a modest 138bpm.



One Goal in Mind


My writing comes in waves of availability. Recent times have come with no lack of inspiration; however, I have not published much writing and I would like to share with you the reason why. In the recent months my effort has been in applying to medical school, where I hope to start a brand new chapter of my life. It is such that I have one goal in mind right now. I hope to share with you my recent works soon, but for now all of my effort needs to be where it has been and where it will be for just a short while longer: in getting into the best school for me. I know I can count of my frequent readers and any newcomers to check back time to time because when the time is right I will show you all some exciting new projects I have worked on in my spare time. If you would like to keep up in the meantime, follow me on Instagram @Jhwadman or Tumblr.



The View from 30,000


(written July 14th, flying above Scotland)

Months ago I wrote on perception and the mind’s ability to be anywhere at any time, against the forces of nature and the logical restraints of circumstance. The dreamer’s quest is intrinsic to humanity, and this dream is something we both embrace and reject in our lifetimes. “Tonight I can be in the sky, miles above my bed.  I can hover above the pale blue clouds beneath the stars that shine beside our beloved white moon,” I wrote. I envisioned myself soaring with the sapphire stars above a satin blanket of clouds between the earth and myself. Beyond all hope I merely dreamt of a moment in which I was a part of the night sky. Tonight I am writing from a plane coasting above the Atlantic. I do not know the time, but what would the numbers even mean if I knew? As I watch the sun catching up to us, I realize that we have crossed so many time zones and traveled so many hours today that it seems as if the time of day would mean nothing.

It was a simple dream to achieve, to be irrelevant for a moment, but seeing the world illuminated by the sun’s fire from one edge of the earth was spectacularly beautiful, and it was a gentle reminder that dreams come true.



The Journey Beyond the Windowpane

By James Wadman


The sun first rises above the half-painted, half-eroded rooftops in my neighborhood and the world begins again– a new day, a new chance to make it another step further from home. The pace of the earth’s rotation seems to speed up, as the sun gets higher. On any other day, we would forget that the world is composed of peace and we’d see only that the peace is orchestrated by a devastating competition of survival. Some voice begs that we get out of bed and stop wishing upon the sunrise for a new adventure. If we ignore the logical path for a moment, we will hear the only voices that truly matter, spoken by the emotions that burn us up inside. It takes a lifetime to figure out where you’ll end up, but don’t fear the time that passes you by. These moments, as your mind drifts at the pace of the clouds and the world spins around you, are the moments in which you can actually hear the voice of consciousness and the beating of your heart.

The Whole Story

I was breathlessly anchored among the calm ripples of a blown glass ocean when I first saw you, carrying the weight of the sunrise on your shoulders.


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