By James Wadman

Love is like a pair of swings in the park.  Two children rush to the park as they laugh and play.  They leap on the swings as they pursue a safeguarded endeavor of infinite heights.  A young boy races to reach the sky while a young girl closes her eyes in her flight through a world of imagination.  In only minutes they have soared with the birds in the sky, they have climbed the stairways to the sun, and when they turn to each other they see that they are travelling through the universe, back and forth, in perfect unison.  Together they fly in the same world at the same pace.  They giggle as they spend an eternal minute together flying up and down in secure aluminum arms.  In perfect harmony, their joy is inescapable.  They fly above the golden fields as their laughter catches the wind.

But it takes only the slightest stall or a minimally overpowering burst to set off the flawless rhythm and the two children slowly fall far away.  Suddenly, she is going up towards the heavens while he falls down, and his highs are her lows.  She skids her shoes along the gravel to stop her journey completely, and she scurries off with clear tears in her eyes.  As any young gentleman would do, the boy races her home, and as they run off into the distance, they leave the swings in the background as they rock back and forth.  There they stoically waver as the wind follows the children home.


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