By James Wadman

I once promised you that you were my world and all the stars shined upon you.  I once swore that you were the center of my universe no matter what science tells me.  That is the way I always wanted it to be.  When everything in my universe shined so brightly, I wanted everything to shine upon your beautiful soul.

For a moment I pause in my thoughts and wonder what is happening now.  Why am I now upset that you believe that everything revolves around you?  Why am I fighting you over something I used to tell you every night before we went to sleep?

I flee the moment of wonder as I turn to you and hold every imperfection of us close to my heart, for in all of these quarrels, I have achieved what I have always wanted.  May we laugh instead of argue?  May we celebrate instead of fighting for another moment?  So be it that in this moments you believe you are the center of the universe, for you will always be in the center of mine.

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