There is always the interesting point of self-definition that states that who you are within a society will never change in the mind of others.  I often wonder people think of me in this static definition of my personality, though I tend to neglect the inevitable negativity that some people must feel, as I would recommend to anyone.  Nonetheless, this idea maintained a steady grasp on my mind as a subtle worry when I decided to begin publishing my original works to the worldwide web.  I did not initially worry about how strangers in foreign lands would react to my work; rather I was anxious about how my friends would react.  Thus my temperate concern reverted back to my original thought: would those who have known me all my life accept my writing, or would my predestined reputation (whatever that is) overcome my current obligation?

Very quickly, and gracefully, and magnificently, that lingering question was answered when I posted my first few original works.  I am a person who is overwhelmed with joy by positive feedback, and I simply would like to thank all of those who have approached me in the last two weeks with compliments of my work.  It is the respect and support of others that allows me to feel at ease with the vehemently difficult task of developing a self-image that portrays my aspirations.

I believe that we all have an element of concealed self-expression that often begs to burst its way out into the open.  Beyond simply what I publish, I have thousands of words written that I choose to keep to myself.  Writing is an anecdote that nourishes the soul until the words can finally spill over to reach out to the world.  The power within words creates a sensation of such satisfaction to me, and my gratitude goes to all who have shared the beginning of this experience with me.  It truly makes me all the more enthusiastic about the novel I have been working on thoroughly.  Though I don’t often share streams of my own consciousness, this is my dream and I believe these thoughts were worth sharing.  Thank you.

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