By Contributing Writer, Daniel Martinez

People can be so crazy. So weird. So eccentric. But with the self-confidence to be themselves, to follow their passions, to love each other, in a world that unflaggingly strives to make you conform. The norm is the mean, what we call conformity, and the more standard deviations the better. You might perceive those who are outside the social standard deviations as errors, but there is a reason they continue to exist, like genetic mutations, it is nature’s will that their existence is perpetuated.

They’ve had to deal with being told to chill out, to relax, to be normal. Yet how boring would this world be without the outliers? Everyone the same, standardized, seeing the ideal albeit unattainable perfection. It’s the iconoclasts, the heretics, those unafraid, the creators, those willing to risk it, to experiment, that often know what works and what doesn’t, because they experience it first hand.

Appreciate the outliers, because few people do. And they’re wonderful; they help make us us. They will keep on appearing, as they have for millennia, and as they will for millennia. Unless you shun them, in which case, you shun us all.


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