To Lucid Dream, Active Lucid Dreaming

By James Wadman


Active Lucid Dreaming, as I call it, is the state of pure lucid dreaming in the conventional sense (as described in part one).  This variation of lucid dreaming begins when the dreamer becomes aware in the dream and begins to take control.  Many reports of lucid dreaming involve the dreaming having the ability to fly, combat mythical creatures, or create massive buildings and landscapes.  With a little practice, the dreamer can even script a plotline for the dream and be a character within an original story.  However, before you get to this point, you will most likely face what I call the time bomb effect for a while until the art of lucid dream is mastered.

The time bomb effect occurs when you first come into the realization that you are dreaming.  When your conscious mind becomes active, it is natural that you will gradually begin to wake up.  Many people will choose to do as many things as possible before the dream collapses, but this is unwise.  The overstimulation of the mind when first starting out lucid dreaming is a good way to deconstruct your dreams and wake up immediately.  Instead of being anxious and vigorously trying to take advantage of your lucid dream—and, of course, this comes with experience—try to stay relaxed and take a few deep breaths.  Staying calm in light of the new frontier of infinite possibilities is crucial to taking the next step forward in lucid dreaming.  Once you have surpassed the moment of the time bomb, you will be welcomed into the lucid dream.

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  1. notall nu

    I need to indicate our thankfulness on your kind-heartedness giving assist to the people that actually require assistance with all the style. Your ” special ” dedication to getting the message around had become extremely beneficial and possess continuously made it easier for personnel like me to get to their objectives. The particular beneficial recommendations indicates significantly if you ask me and in many cases additional in order to our colleagues. Thanks; through all us all.

  2. James Wadman Post author

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    I look forward to seeing your newest posts!

  3. booguloo

    I’ve been doing since Jr High. I was trying to catch up to Carlos Castaneda A.K.A. Don Juan. He used Peyote to achieve his goals. I didn’t.

  4. James Wadman Post author

    Haha, I certainly understand the parallels between entheogenic and dreaming practices. To each his/her own, though personally I believe that the highest states of consciousness and fantasy can only be achieved in dreams.

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