To Lucid Dream, Gentle Precautions of Vivid Nightmares

By James Wadman


To be in touch with yourself to a point in which lucid dreaming is possible, you must expect to face your nightmares.  This is something no one wants to hear, but to be a lucid dreamer you must be able to master both your dreams and your emotions.  Nightmares are the manifestation of negative energy in your dreams, often an idea or a memory that is begging to be acknowledged.  I do not fear my nightmares, and that is perhaps the greatest reason for my success in lucid dreaming.

Consider the most vivid nightmares as forms of insight into what you may be feeling, withholding, or fearing in your life.  There is never a need to run from what you fear, for you are invincible in your dreams, and there is always a way back into a peaceful state.  For whatever reason, I find the provocation of nightmares to be the most beautiful facet of dreams, and I would not believe so strongly in dreams without them.

Here is where it gets interesting: every nightmare gives an opportunity to lucid dream.  I used to have recurring dreams of getting robbed and assaulted, which I identified the underlying meaning and resolved long ago (I may or may not share the story behind these dreams one day), and I learned a valuable technique from these experiences.  A lucid dreamer often relies on a conscious spark to assist in the realization that the environment is the creation of the mind and not reality.  Each recurring nightmare caused me so much fear that I would want to escape my dream, but so much intrigue that I wanted to stay.  In many of these nightmares I entered a state of control, and my lucid dream would begin with me overcoming the fear I had before my awakening.  I would be victorious in my nightmares because I could lucid dream.

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