By James Wadman 


I chose to conceal my voice for several months to refresh my mind and to ensure that what I wrote truly had purpose.  To start the new year I wish to break the silence with a poem I wrote about something that has played a very important role in my life recently: music.  This is my latest poem, entitled To Break the Silence. Happy New Year to all.

I want to hear the crashing waves with you
and the songs of birds running from the storm
while we sit there still
watching the sky fade from blue.

I’ll promise never to part ways with you
for as long as the evenings still end,
the mornings shine,
and the angels hold their tune.

So I promise I will wait for you
in those silent mornings before the sky falls,
one day vibrations coy to you ears
might provoke your mind
to sing to you heart
and then, just then,
you will hear the music, too.

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