By James Wadman


The sun first rises above the half-painted, half-eroded rooftops in my neighborhood and the world begins again– a new day, a new chance to make it another step further from home. The pace of the earth’s rotation seems to speed up, as the sun gets higher. On any other day, we would forget that the world is composed of peace and we’d see only that the peace is orchestrated by a devastating competition of survival. Some voice begs that we get out of bed and stop wishing upon the sunrise for a new adventure. If we ignore the logical path for a moment, we will hear the only voices that truly matter, spoken by the emotions that burn us up inside. It takes a lifetime to figure out where you’ll end up, but don’t fear the time that passes you by. These moments, as your mind drifts at the pace of the clouds and the world spins around you, are the moments in which you can actually hear the voice of consciousness and the beating of your heart.

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