The most important part of my website is by far the interaction with other members of the community. It is therefore important to me that I continue to find new ways of allowing the voices of my readers to be heard. This month I am introducing a “Submissions” feature on my blog, which showcases talent from all my readers. All of the guidelines can be found here. I will collect submissions and post them together on June 16th.

The topic for submissions this month will be poetry. Now, I want to emphasize, encourage, and hopefully cultivate some extraordinary creativity with this feature. So what do I mean by poetry? I always love reading conventional poetry, such as your free-verse, haikus, etc.. However, I also want to see the extent to which the word poetry can apply to broader scopes of literature, media, and art. I hope that together we can define poetry in a way that captures all forms of art.

Click here to submit!

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