Poem by James Wadman

Incandescent like the course of lovers intertwined,
We were stoic, eclipsed by the night’s open sky
Beneath these hearts ruptured and loss left behind,
We’ve forgotten what it means to just get by.


I promised a poem for this week, so here it is: Distractions. I’ve reworded this poem at least a dozen times, and I think I finally found the way the words are supposed to fit together. This poem reflects a storyline told in other short poems, particularly the whole story, part I and first untitled.

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7 thoughts on “Distractions, a Poem

  1. Anonymous

    Elegant and Polished! So glad you’re following HaikuOdyssey! I think we have much to learn from each other. Please read my ABOUT for a better idea of who I am and what my blog is all about (as if the title doesn’t give it away!) I have begun reading your work already and find it mature of expression, impressive with regard to subject matter, and powerful in word choice and poetic form employed.

    Ron — Fort Worth, TX (Mouse over my gravatar for a thumbnail sketch of the old haiku poet *** :-) ***)

  2. James Wadman Post author

    Thanks for stopping by. I will give your about a read, my friend.

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