Assume for a moment that you can actually change the world.  There is no if, there is only when.  How would you live life differently?

The world works out in a funny way, where you can work hard and remain invisible or stumble across great opportunities by chance or good fortune.  I have never developed a consolidated opinion on fate, and I see success as a combination of hard work and favorable entropy.  And yet I still see incredible value in the statement “things happen for a reason.”  When anything in the world happens, whether it is tragedy, catastrophe, or any event of good fortune, we have a choice.  We can dwell, we can savor, or we can move on.  Things happen for a reason because if you always react positively to life, you are always providing another opportunity to be entropically favored for good fortune.

This is where I want to begin: how I change the world.  There are thoughts I need to get out of my head, and June will be filled with Conscious Talks, a new series that focuses on short snippets of what lingers in my mind.  As we progress through this series there will be bits of wisdom, motivation, scientific wonder, and conversations centered around my Diamondis project. I am quite excited for the last bit, for I am currently in my fourth (yes, fourth) rewrite of the novel and I really think this might be the version I want to edit for a final draft.  I am on my fifth year of working on this project and I have learned a lot along the way.  I put the project down when necessary to work on other things and to give myself the time to learn about the scientific concepts I portrayed in the storyline.  I want nothing other than to share the last bits of my journey in this project with you all, which means there will be some previews and discussions just around the corner!

Thanks for keeping up!

-James Wadman

P.S. The question at the beginning of this post was not a rhetorical question.  I’d love to know what you would do differently in your own life and how you would change the world.

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