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I am so grateful to be in such an incredible community of writers, artists, and bloggers.  This was the first time I have ever reached out to opening up submissions and I was blown away by what you all came up with.  The theme for June was poetry in every form.  My original plan was to publish the top three poems for June, but with all these submissions I decided to extend the number to seven (including the featured image).  Remember, if your submission is not here that probably means it is getting saved for another month because I can’t post every one every month!


Face Reminders

By Thom Amundsen

Through the glass she smiled straight ahead
with pensive eyes inside a sun streaked pane
that face is familiar
a typical roadway stop
if when we glance
can we define lives
within our reach
yet safe and detached.
I remember the time
traveling with even pace,
I came upon her eyes
a few lights at a time,
she never glanced at him,
always looking ahead.
I wondered if just once,
might she turn my way,
would her contemplation
become one of joy.
the lights turned green again,
soon he drove her away
the next few highways
left me wondering about her,
could she be happy,
glancing straight ahead.
I wonder what her life might be
while we see our lives
together in the waves
while we face reminders.
Our lives in a glance

A Tale Bleeding Out A Withered Soul

By Kiki Stamatiou

She fell into rivers of doubt,
her heart wounded by all he said,
leads Dominica without any clout
amongst a father who wished her dead.
How can such an atrocity commence
a tale bleeding out a withered soul
clearly diseased by his foolish candor,
driven by a steer under false pretense?
A curse befalls him
now under duress.
She went on a whim
to hear him confess,
“My eyes have grown old,
and my sold now sold.”



By Jaimie Scott

Wrecked and abandoned,
slowly fading,
being washed away,
but then saved when you say my name.


Theological Quest

By Beverly Armour Gilyard

The calm visage
Exuding confident peace
In proximity to ethically transformed being;
Paradigm for friendship’s release
Tradition renounced for knowledge
of a soul;
Passengers of life
on narrowly-fit road.
Soul’s curious desire:
to know and understand another,
Without respect to gender
But the centrality of humanness:
Bonded beings: touching, feeling, knowing.
Grasping the moment
To reveal one’s thoughts.
Simply shared thoughts,
Simply shared minds,
Simply shared lives.
The Theological Quest.


Final Destination

By S.b | Miss Lavendius

Take her on a journey; to a place far away. A place she has yet to see; a place with no name. Take her on a journey where she can feed her peace. A place without pretending; a place where she’s at ease. Take her on a journey that’ll make her heart grow fonder. A place where she’s protected; a place no one can harm her. Take her on a journey; to her final destination. A safe haven she can call ‘her home of inspiration.’ Take her on a journey; to that place that lies within. That place within your beating chest; adorn her in eternal abyss.

Poem 62

By Randall Niemi

Another sleepless night
wide awake
3 a.m.
pounding on my chamber door
keeping me from my slumber,
of the words I should have said
or the deeds I should have done.
Mistakes and Insecurities
that manifest and grow,
like a cancer,
make me question everything I know.


Thank you again for all of your submissions and to those who will have their submissions posted in later months. I will post the topic for next month by next week and the July submissions will be collected and published just before I leave the country for vacation on the seventeenth.


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  1. learningtocry

    Really like poem 62 by Randal Niemi. Would like the poets’ blog addresses included. : )

  2. James Wadman Post author

    Yes I agree! Unfortunately two of the submissions included their email addresses instead of blog url’s so I could not post them.

  3. James Wadman Post author

    Thank you for taking the time to submit! Your work deserves to be featured :) Feel free to submit for next month too once I decide on a new topic.

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