By James Wadman

Only in the night of cloudless treason
May I reach my hand into the sky.
I can touch the stars devoid of reason,
to feel you here in all of your light.
Undo my bones, I ask, for restructure
As I bless the scorn of my beloved destructor.


My novel, Diamondis, is a dedication to all who have loved and lost, those who crave to believe life is one journey and death is another, and those who search for magical truths in their daily lives. There is no one who walks this earth that is not capable of feeling the light of the stars.  There is no one who is not an integral part of our universe. These are two themes that pervade my story, as we embark on an adventure through life and beyond with the protagonist.

My poem above takes the place of a direct dedication, for it encapsulates what I want to offer everyone who chooses to read this book when it is published. My song, Midnight Sun, was written to cradle the words of this poem. It is a song inspired by the wanderlust of world travels, meant to bring you to the far side of the world from where ever you might find yourself.

The song can be downloaded here for free (or pay what you want). Of course you can also listen to it as many times as you want on YouTube.


Read more about my novel here!

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