By James Wadman

At night my thoughts quake louder than thunder,
My heart blossoms from every root,
It seems so solitary that I should crave the moment
When I slip and fall from a waking world.
But if I fall tonight, I will fall to green leaves
In a lightening lavender world.

A wonder of the modern world is that we are always in touch and in tune in our daily lives. We are plugged in, in sync, and we have nearly every informational answer at our fingertips. However, technology has proven to be such an incredible gift to humanity that we often forget the simple things in life that we need to stay afloat.

As you read this, I offer you an opportunity to look away from the screen and promise yourself the time to unwind from your daily life. Inhale the stillness of a moment and hold in your lungs a breath free of obligation. Uncork a bottle of wine, light a fire, or even watch the clouds crash into the horizon of a setting sun. Gaze at the stars for long enough to see one fall, stroll quietly around your neighborhood, or close your eyes and meditate. Set your phone aside, leave your TV remote on the arm of the couch, and be with only the city sounds or the hums of nature for a little while.

Most importantly, find time to say the words: Tonight I will disconnect.

I promise that when you take the time to let go, you will sleep easier and stress less. The world will keep turning, moments will pass you by, but you will be stronger from the time you let go.


Happy summer week to everyone! This post was inspired by my adventures in Iceland, and it was actually written not far from the featured image of this post.  The picture is taken by my brother, and features my sister and me off in the distance. This climb was something truly exceptional and it inspired an incredibly pleasant feeling of isolation. The poem, titled evening tea, reflects the pleasant side of solitude. This solitude is not one that comes from being alone by yourself, but from being alone with the right people. If you have two or three of the right people around you, such vastly empty places as where we were in Iceland can bring you true peace. The lightening lavender world satisfies both a literal description of the color of the world beneath the midnight sun on this hike, but also a figurative description of how I look back on the landscape and how my mind still is processing my experiences in my dreams. I have dreamt of my travels all but one night since returning home, and every dream has a delicate lavender tint that reminds me of the midnight sun.

If you do not follow me on Twitter, I would like to share with you that I have two new websites that I designed that are now published! One of them is my personal website with my mug right on the front, and the other is my media website where I will soon post all the media projects I have worked on with my Useful Soul Media team. Please let me know what you think about the websites, especially if something does not load/render properly. Best wishes!


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4 thoughts on “Tonight We Disconnect

  1. Suzanne

    Lovely poem. Great reminder post. Take time away from technology. Thank you. It has helped me to recommit to my daily nature walks. I do prefer the slower stop and smell the roses pace to life.

  2. James Wadman Post author

    Thank you! I am glad my writing can remind you of a simple pleasure in your life. Walks through nature sound like the perfect way to disconnect.

  3. AmyRose?

    What a powerful image and your thoughts about disconnecting many people need to read and do, IMO. I know myself I must actually force myself away from blogging and my photography so yes I do remained connected with Mother. I order to capture magic, I must be connected. Great post and I thank you! <3

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