September is an important turning point in the year for a variety of reasons. Until this year, September represented the beginning of the school year, meaning it was a mixed feeling of dread and excitement for a new set of classes. To me September is a pivotal reminder that the current year is beginning its descent and my goals are ready for fine tuning and, hopefully, completion. I use September as a month for a full evaluation of the year so far so that the coming months can be spent achieving the goals I set on the first of January.

In this sentiment I want to announce what is to come from my blog and my Useful Soul project. In addition to my blog posts, the coming weeks will see the release of the following projects:

  • A brand new website, combining all Useful Soul projects and team members (to be named on a later date, but it is probably not difficult to guess!)
  • Photographing an Adventure, Part II and the release of the full gallery of photography and video from Norway & Iceland
  • New music from me, as well as news on brand new collaborations
  • Updates on the new objectives of the Useful Soul Project, including philanthropy, awareness, finances
  • Useful Soul Photography prints availability to purchase for the first time
  • Last but not least, something very secret and in the works ;)

I want to thank everyone who is on this journey with me and keeping up with my posts here. If it weren’t for people actually taking the time to visit my blog, comment, and share my content, I wouldn’t be able to do it! 2015 has truly been a special year so far, and I am actively working to finish my goals. Constant evaluation of progress, reevaluation of expectations, and celebration of results are essential to achieving your goals.

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