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The predominant reason why massive scientific revolutions are often unpredicted is that while the pre-revolution societies can predict specific instances of innovation, they fail to see how all the moving parts fit together. The commercial perspective of virtual reality fits this description very well. Society’s common depiction of virtual reality is limited in that it predicts that the activities or games we play now, such as Call of Duty, the Sims, or vicariously living out GoPro action videos. However, here we are missing the point that the society capable of masterminding virtual reality and artificial conscious existence will also evolve in their philosophical evaluation of their arts and interests. In contrast to the common notion that virtual reality will be merely an extended medium for the entertainment that is already in place, it is my prediction that the world of virtual reality will be more an expansion of consciousness and innovation than an expansion of what we currently perceive as entertainment. Most importantly, and this is one promise I am secure to make, virtual reality, when it takes over the world, will be unpredictable.

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