I am sitting in New York City with a camera and printed sheets of the book I wrote over the last few years. I watch the way the sun soaks the façade of apartment buildings that stand tall in every direction. A thought surfaces. It is not a new idea. In fact, it is an idea that occurs to me almost every day, but here it speaks louder.

Every human being on this earth has a story. Every window on the façade of those apartments across the street is a part of that story. It is a fractional glimpse into someone else’s world, and the way that person sees the world outside.

Listening to people, even it is only to the simple “How are you?” can have a drastic effect on how you perceive your own life. Accepting that everyone is the protagonist of their own journey can allow you to play a supporting role in their joys or relief from sorrows. It’s not about finding the fascinating or comic stories. It’s about listening to every story, and understanding that society is the composite of all of our lives interwoven.

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