Logic. Emotion. We are human beings, and thus rationale and sentiments drive us. Often, however, we mix the two in ways ultimately undesirable, but we rarely have the foresight to prevent that. I was 16 in a shuttle van driving through Houston when I was introduced to this idea. At the time it went completely over my head, though to some degree it should have been blatantly obvious.  I have since thought about it a lot, and with every day that passes, with every day that I see and understand the world, it rings more and more true. Logic and emotion are contrasting forms of the human experience that usually nullify the other when used simultaneously.  Emotion is derived from the conscious observer and is used in order to justify a belief based on a subjective attachment.  Therefore, emotions resolve knowledge to a personal level rather than assuming a logical position.  Logic comes into play by reaching beyond an emotional level and acknowledges what is ethical, plausible, and acceptable.  These two should rarely, if ever, be mixed, let alone interchanged, and it’s in our best interest to isolate them and treat each situation with the fitting perspective, analysis, and methodology.

For full article, please click here: Observing Passionately and Dispassionately

Written by Daniel Martinez
Edited by James Wadman

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