The Discussion of Dreams


In addition to my normal poetry and creative writing, I would love to involve all my readers in discussion by answering any questions you may have on the subject of dreams.  As many of you already know, I am quite fond of analyzing dream interpretations and techniques for improving the clarity and recollection of dreams, as well as the neurobiological mechanisms of sleep and dreaming.  If you have anything to share or ask about vivid dreams, lucid dreams, crazy dreams, embarrassing dreams, daydreams, spiritual dreams, etc. I am more than happy to feature your input in articles throughout the week.  Anyone can comment with just the click of a button below.  I am open to everything.  Questions can be specific or general, and any submissions for personal dreams can be posted in the comments below or even emailed to me if you desire.


I believe that understanding one’s dreams can have a life enhancing impact.


-James Wadman

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17 thoughts on “The Discussion of Dreams

  1. Dane

    What is the general purpose of dreams, in your opinion? It seems to me that in the SUV of life, they are the dvd player in the backseat that provides entertainment to pass time, while the normal conscience in the front seat rests. Can they really be more?

  2. Travis

    To extend on what Thomas asked, there are many times where my dreams are grand adventures that seem to be movies specifically designed to meet my fancy. Other times, my dreams are quite easily traced back to events that occurred the previous day. For example, I went to the movie theatre and saw a preview for a new movie where Denzel Washington crash lands an airplane. That night I had a dream where I was in an airplane that was crash landing. Are all dreams based on events of the previous day? Even if they are does that mean they have no deeper meaning than processing the day’s information?

  3. James Wadman Post author

    Thank you for all the questions so far! I’ll get to work on answering them throughout the week.

  4. Juliette

    I was outside walking down a residential street. Something I had dropped was on the street. I could not pick it up. I wasn’t frustrated or angry; I just couldn’t pick it up, as if it was slippery. I don’t recall what the object was, just that I couldn’t hold it. Meaning??

  5. Ben

    I never seem to remember my dreams. I know I have them sometimes, and I have vague images and feelings when i wake up occasionally, but sitting here now I can’t describe a single dream I’ve had recently. What should I do to remember them better, and why is it worth it?

  6. Daniel

    Some people claim to have the same dream over and over again, a sort of perpetual recurrence – what is this attributed to, neurologically?
    Also, sometimes I wake up for whatever reason and fall back asleep within five minutes, and I am able to continue the dream I was having prior to waking up. This has happened to me up to five times within a single night. How does the brain go back to that one “storyline” of a dream numerous times?

  7. e.Averetta

    I woke up today remembering what I thought was my memory of yesterday but in reality it was the dream I dreamt about. It was almost an exact account of my day but with a darker and more evil twist too it. Usually when I have a good day it is followed by negative dreams and vice versa with a bad day. Any thoughts?

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  9. Monique

    I document all of my dreams. When you get a chance read “Dream Singers”, it discusses dreams and cultural beliefs, dreams in relation to banks/mobs (as the original number runners, dreams in stories…It’s educational and entertaining.

  10. bjsscribbles

    Since one of my dogs passed away quite recently at 17yrs old, been with me since 6weeks old I have been dreaming quite frequently about him. He was a gentle soul so passive for a boy dog yet on the other hand so protective of me as well. Loyal.

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