Arrival, a poem by James Wadman

I saw a dove glide among ether’s banks
Floating away like a love lost to silence.
In a perfect yellow sunrise,
The dove was a part of silver-white skies
As only a gentle figure in the clouds
If not for its glistening black eyes
And its songbird cries.

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9 thoughts on “Arrival, a poem by James Wadman

  1. Ben

    I particularly enjoyed this one. I liked how the first two lines were separated from the rest by the lack of rhyme and the period – the juxtaposition between the two parts of the poem worked well. I also liked the rhymes between 3&4 and 6&7 – in a way, they were surprising, but they worked really well.

  2. James Wadman Post author

    Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed this one. Also, I really like your analysis. If only my thoughts were so deliberate while writing poetry, but I must confess I write what’s in my head and any higher level of juxtaposition and surprise is often merely a result of my emotional input.

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  4. Lauren

    This poem is beautiful! I really enjoyed the imaging of the bird blending into the clouds except for the darting black eyes. A very powerful image and symbolism of silenced distress similar to that experienced by a love that has slowly drifted away “into the clouds”. What was once perfection in a beautiful yellow sunrise is oh so subtly tainted with sorrow that goes unnoticed in the vast skies. Keep it up!

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