By James Wadman

My blog generally follows the pattern of random thought and instantaneous emotion, although it is important to note that I never stop working on what I truly am: a novelist.  My first novel, which I refer to as Diamondis, is always being edited and improved; so even though it has a beginning, middle, and end, I believe it is far from complete.  For awhile I lost my direction with the story, knowing that it was left unfinished and yet not fully grasping what I wanted for the fate of my characters.

A matter of a few days ago, I happened upon an idea for my newest novel when I did something I hardly ever do: write directly about my own life.  As I began to write about my experiences from pure truth with the fancy of magical liberation, I realized that my own story could be made into a more powerful work that I ever would have thought possible.  Not only this, but also I know that writing about myself will help me understand the course of Diamondis, and I know that the answer lies somewhere at the end of my self-discovery.

These stories will continue to grow together, complimenting one another’s inspirational value.  I will be posting snippets, ideas, excerpts, and anything else appropriate as I continue my work to keep my reader’s within my creative mind through this process.  The writing of such novels is more than an activity, but also an important journey into who I am.

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