The Musician By James Wadman, inspired by listening to a certain song on loop

I take a moment to truly hear your song.  As I listen, I wonder what makes a song speak so powerfully to me.  Is it the words that I can comprehend, the piano that conveys an instant strike of passion, or the tone of voice that I can feel in my bones?  The song progresses and I hear the words, the music, the message.  What is the feeling of truly understanding a song?  Do I know how you feel as you sing these words, or can I ever?

The song repeats and I begin to see myself in your story line.  I see my memory, my experience, my love and heartbreak between the lines of your music to agree with your words and fear your passion, to remember a time when my heart wept with the same motifs of what I hear in a fragile collaboration of voice and keys.

I know how you feel because I have felt it, too.  I wonder why we cherish these songs that take us back in time, to those moments we may regret and the moments we long to have back.  Love is a story so properly told through the collaboration of voice, instrument, and emotion, and in music we feel closer to those we have lost and the chances we still have.  And yet I confess that I may still see only half the story, that love is only in completion when we can whisper so softly that our words are unspoken, when we are able to remember forever what we left behind because we can forget that pain we have caused but our heart never lets go of the beauty we once were.

When you feel inspired, when you remember that love, that heartbreak… as the song reaches its final note and gives way to silence…Just take a moment.  Remember how beautiful life can be.

Shinedown’s Official Youtube Channel

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