The Redemptive Generation, by James Wadman


I have taken some time from writing blog entries to discover a few things about myself and to work on my novel, music, and scientific understanding of the universe.  In everything I have done lately, I have realized how powerful our generation is going to be in redefining the fundamental paradigms of ethics and understanding.

Look back at the mistakes we have made as people.  The corruption.  The wars.  The intolerance.  The shortfalls.

Look back at the brilliance we have managed.  The science.  The innovation.  The marvels.  The wonders.  The love.

I never want to tell you how to think, how to feel.  But I wish that one day everyone will see that we are so much greater than what we are surrounded with here on earth.  Next time you want to look introspectively to find answers, look also to the universe above the city lights.  Anyone who reads these words can change the world.  Through devotion, inspiration, and wonder we can find redemption in the future we deserve.

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2 thoughts on “The Redemptive Generation

  1. Celia Rhodes

    This piece really resonated with me, as I feel the same way. Well expressed! I really enjoyed reading this. And….thanks for the follow. :)

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