By James Wadman


Sometimes I get so amazed by how far my mind wanders.  It might be in the midst of a song, at the sight of a sunset, or in conversation; it might be in the evening or in my dreams.  I’ll see more than the path in front of me; I’ll see more than the trees, the skies, or Austin’s rolling hills.  I can’t call the musings of my wandering mind hallucinations, however, for my ideas are just as real as the air I breathe.  It is as if everything my heart can desire and my mind can conceive is a form of reality in one way or another.  The memoirs of nostalgia, the foresight of a paradise, a destination reached, a dream beheld…these are all real, even if not quantifiable outside of the observation of electricity in the human brain.  There is a spark in human curiosity that makes our desires illuminated in the fervor of our actions.  There is something else out there, so embrace the hallucinations of your passion.

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One thought on “Hallucinations

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