By James Wadman

It should be noted that coding and biology are both fields in which our current knowledge is impressive but minimal in comparison to what is to be known. This idea for coding the human genome in a way in which a person’s genotype can give instantaneous feedback is therefore not limited to disease prevention and treatment. In fact, at some point it is feasible to weigh every gradient of phenotypic expression in coordination with one’s genotype in standardized environments, as well as providing insight to how diet, drug-use, pathogen exposure, medical history, physical location, sleep patterns, and other environmental factors can impact a given person in unique ways based on collected information. It is through brute quantities of information that the complexity of the code will be constructed, rather than anything particularly complicated in the nature of the code.

The truth of the future, our future, in the coexistence of biology, medicine, and computer science is how we choose to interpret computational, literal solutions to problems that might question our ethics and standards. It is guaranteed that computing power will process collective information, and computer science and logic will become essential for representing structured solutions to complex biological problem. What is not guaranteed, however, is how we honorably use this information.


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