By James Wadman


Writing about childhood and the accompanied nostalgia is something quite familiar to me.  Something about thinking about the past moments of my life as early as I possibly can brings me a sense of tranquility.  It breaks my heart to know that to some people the memory of childhood is a burden.  To some people, childhood bares repressed tragedy, trauma, and subconscious anxieties that manifest in their struggles in adulthood. I pray that one day we will cure the ailments of society that place this lasting burden on children.  Such will be the cure of so much wrong in our world.  The mind is most powerful in shaping itself during childhood, so let us make sure that the children of our world have memories to look back upon with ease, if not an overwhelmingly pleasant sense of nostalgia.

Over the last couple weeks, I recreated a memory of my own.  I mixed a song I wrote for my upbeat electronic alias, Achilleus, with a classic song from the anime “My Neighbor Totoro.” The songs mixed together creates a deep and dark electronic tune, which in my music style certainly does not represent evil or sadness, as one might think.  Instead, it represents the depth of imagination, much like we used to have as children and can only hope to continue having as we grow up. I hope you will join me in my trip down memory lane, with my newest song “Children of Totoro.”

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6 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. greta-anne

    Wow what a beautiful post! I am actually doing a research paper on PTSD in the lives of children as of now. You’re right, so sad. But thankfully there are means of healing the brokenness in this world, piece by piece! It’s just about what we seek.

    Anyways, loved the post. You’re right, nostalgia is a blessing.

    -Greta Anne

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