Even then our words slip and souls coincide
Finer than subatomic spells
Just as we collide.

In April the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) resumed after two years of upgrades and repairs. If you don’t recall why the LHC is so important, keep in mind that the last mission it accomplished before being shut down was discovering the existence of a particle that matched the standard model description of the Higgs Boson. Yes, that is the particle theoretically responsible for giving rise to mass in our known universe. The LHC ┬áis back in the news after revealing a new particle, a Pentaquark. This discovery is important to our understanding of how subatomic particles can form interactions with one another to form conglomerate particles, which may eventually give rise to an understanding of how larger particles (such as protons and neutrons) arise from these smaller particles. A pentaquark, which is a meson particle and baryon particle, might not seem like much at first, but keep in mind that any discovery made on the level of subatomic particles using a machine as massive and intricate as the LHC is a breakthrough. Congratulations to the scientists working on the LHC, and hopefully this operating session comes with many new discoveries!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Pentaquark to Our Physical Understanding

  1. Opher

    It is incredible to me that an ape with a super-exaggerated feeling of its own importance can devise a machine that can actually reveal the secrets of the universe. Amazing! I look forward with great hope! Best wishes Opher

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