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The greatest memories of any adventure are those that don’t end up in photographs. Having said that, I can’t complain about having a talented photographer along for the ride when traveling. Photographing an adventure is one of the best ways to remember just how in awe we were in some of the most inspiring scenery on the planet. I will soon be writing full travel-blog type posts, including itineraries, recommendations, and reflections.

It is my pleasure to share some amazing shots from our recent excursion to Norway and Iceland. Any direct questions about these photographs can be asked in the comments below or on my brother’s website. I believe now is also I perfect time to remind you all that we both post our best attempts at capturing this beautiful planet on our Instagrams, so keep in touch with us there!

What is photographed in this gallery?

  1. Bergen, Norway: This is a picture of me pretending to be a tree or perhaps just pondering nature in the midst (and mist) of a mossy forest on the top of Mt. Floyen. Fortunately, I can say that this picture was taken BEFORE we got lost, so at least I know that this is not a picture of me trying to figure out how to get un-lost. You can read all about that adventure here.
  2. Gullfoss, Iceland: Rated by many travel blogs out there as the best waterfall to see in Europe, Gulfoss did not disappoint. One thing unique about this waterfall is that it did not appear very spectacular in photographs I saw on google, and I visited the site without any high expectations. I turned a corner and there it was. Wow. The lighting is essential to this photograph, as it was taken around 11:00 PM under the soon-to-be midnight sun. There are so many proofs in this image for why Iceland is a destination of a lifetime.
  3. Unknown, Norway: The fact that I was unable to recall exactly which waterfall this photograph shows speaks volumes for how brilliant the fjords of Norway are. I will say time again that if you extract any random waterfall from Norway or Iceland and place it in the United States, it will become a number one tourist attraction. However, there are so many waterfalls where we were that they would have to be truly remarkable to be a tourist attraction. Nonetheless, I speak for all of us on the trip together when I say that we never got tired of seeing waterfalls. This photograph is taken from a high vantage point, so I’m sure some hiking or hair-pin driving was necessary to get this view.
  4. Geysir, Iceland: Last but certainly not least is an ode to the midnight sun, taken only a few miles from Gulfoss. This photograph is only an introduction to our many midnight sun pictures, and I promise this gallery will continue to grow in the coming weeks. I took a GoPro video and timelapse of the active geyser nearby, Strokkur, which I hopefully will post here soon.

Thank you for taking the time to view and read about some of our photographs from this adventure. I look forward to posting more pictures and details about our travels through Norway and Iceland. If you want to use any of the pictures here, you can send me an email, or you can search through the royalty-free pictures we have on Unsplash. Yes, if you use our pictures from unsplash you don’t have to pay, you don’t have to credit, and you don’t even have to tell us. It’s always nice if you do tell us if you use the pictures, though, because we would love to see what you use them for! Keep an eye out for new media coming your way. Again, please let me know if you have any questions.


-James Wadman

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