Where the stars end
I have yet to see the light.


Where the stars end
I see no light.


Where the stars end
I looked back
And saw the light.


Where the stars end
Only a child can see the night.


Long travels the man
Who makes his way by night
For where the stars end
He has yet to see the light.


I always believed that when choosing the words for a poem, you should just know. Sometimes it is the case that words come clean from the mind and remained untouched until the last line is written, and the final mark of punctuation is the last effort exerted on the content of the poem. It is possible to write a line, delete a line, restructure a line, and begin again until the words are just right. In either case I often wonder when I should deem the poem complete. When are the words the right words? What emotion have I portrayed between how I felt during the first written word or the last written word whether it was written seconds, hours, or even days after?

These thoughts considered, I manipulated one of the most basic variables of mood: visual stimulation. I took the words “Where the stars end, I see no light” in the default font. I copied it several times, and then rewrote what I believed the “right” words for the poem should be in different fonts. It took only five poems to see that the arrangement of words can always change because the emotions that drive the poem very rarely will stay the same.

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