In and of all the darkness
I’ll let the wind scatter us
across the fallen world
ruin or rapture, peace
is not the price of mercy.

When you can’t put the world into words it is important to have different ways of expressing yourself. I have remained silent over the last week since the awful terrorist attacks in Paris because I didn’t have the perfect words to say. Today I return to say that we are stronger now and while I may never have a “perfect” reflection, I want to give my final sentiment on the matter:

How we move forward will define our future as a sovereign world. Our ideologies, our privileges, and our resiliency depend on our strength and solidarity. We must see beyond an attack and be reminded of the beauty that exists in our world.



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3 thoughts on “Rise after the Fall: On Paris

  1. Opher

    I think we need to keep this in perspective. We are shocked by the sheer inhumanity, cold-blooded callousness and cowardly actions. It is terrible but no worse than a plane crash or motorway pile-up. The terrorists exploit out fear to their own end. The religious ideology that states that it is god’s will to barbarically kill human beings, rape little girls and bury people alive needs showing up for what it is – the depraved ideology of savages. If there was a god he/she would never sanction such cruelty, let alone reward it. These people are deluded. There is no excuse for their actions. Their whole premise is based on blind hatred.

  2. Suzanne

    Thank you for putting your thoughts out there. I agree….”We must see beyond an attack and be reminded of the beauty that exists in our world.”

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