“I have learned that there exist slow, almost still moments in life,” Tomas said. “I think time in the winter is more significant, as if it’s more pronounced or more valued because the time we spend is either more solitary if we are alone or closer to the ones we love if we are in love. The best of things happen in the winter, not the things that offer us the most satisfaction, but the things that are simply meant to happen.”

-James Wadman, from Diamondis

If the winter had its own sound, to me it would resemble Piano Rift. This is the first song I ever wrote when learning the piano. To be honest, I actually wrote the main chord progression before I had much of a clue about playing piano at all. However, I corrected many parts about the chords, the arpeggios, and the strings on the long road to completion.

Piano Rift fits into the parts of my book I characterize with the “slow almost still” moments of winter. As Diamondis describes, winter is the home of many significant moments in life — not necessarily the best, but the moments that are meant to happen. Piano Rift, to me, is a song that was simply meant to happen. I hope the chords take you back to the feeling of childhood, pleasant walks in your neighborhood, or they serve as respite from a challenging day.

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