I present the Anthology of Life and Science Poetry Collection, a brief testament to some of the poetry I released on my blog over the last year.  It is important to me that my poetry remains a way to engage readers in a dialogue about our lives and our natural world. I would also love to hear your voices through my submissions feature. I hope you enjoy this anthology!

Dissonance, poetry by James Wadman

I feel the way we’re flashing, like splashes
from stones skipping across glazed water
barely penetrating the surface.
I fear the way we wasted serotonin
On silicon screens and not each other,
Knowing it is never enough to scream.
And wherever we sink in this river
Our edges will smooth in circuitry,
We’ll persist like precious gems
But it’s not enough for me.


Conditional, poetry by James Wadman

I touched her cheek as if I could take her
away from the secrets that claw at her heart,
when sorrow climbs from her own creations
unseen to the world aside from her maker,
they settle like white snow on her coat.
She says there is no prayer or beauty
if her story ends in sorrow and snow.
And when I can’t steal her from dark,
she says the face of a hero does not suit me.
But these little if’s and when’s mean nothing.
I still see the sun on the snow in the skies
and a glimpse of the remedy in your eyes.


The Weight of a Heartbeat, poetry by James Wadman

Streaks of a painted sunset fall away over the earth
The finches follow the young stars back home.
They close their eyes; a world of marvel overtakes them
And there begins in the night a story of rebirth.
I wonder if a finch can measure
The weight of a heartbeat against the setting sun
Or the touch of the wind that guides her home.
What is still sculpted in reverie once she
Finds her way home from the stars above?
For all who read the stars can dream
In a fabric woven of faith and love.


First Untitled, poetry by James Wadman

I saw the beach on which stood
from the sands of my own shore.
I read your story from stars in the sky
and in that one light
shining in diamond-yellow
was the you I had known before.

And though I followed the sunset
I could not be by your side.
I called out above the crashing waves
so that just one bird
flying in the night
could bring you my good-bye.

My melody in her beak, away she flew
hoping to find her way to you
but no, a bird cannot fly
to the shores of an endless sea
no, a bird cannot fly
a lost life back to me.


Arrival, poetry by James Wadman

I saw a dove glide among ether’s banks
Floating away like a love lost to silence.
In a perfect yellow sunrise,
The dove was a part of silver-white skies
As only a gentle figure in the clouds
If not for her glistening black eyes
And her songbird cries.



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