By James Wadman

I am so grateful for my readers, whether you are subscribers or passersby. However, I see a bigger picture than just readers stopping by for my words.  I see instead the endeavors of men and women searching for answers, inspiration, and awareness.  And so it makes me overjoyed specifically that you are searching for reasons to see our world as beautiful and meaningful.  This week, I am taking this to heart and giving my website title “Useful Soul” new importance and a new meaning.  It represents awareness and enlightenment, and a journey to making the world a better place.

The Useful Soul Awareness Project will be an ongoing educational series dedicated to scientific and medical awareness, in my own language. I will cover topics such as medical diseases, genetic conditions, new experiments, and research techniques. As a supplement to my own writing, I will go above and beyond to find the best resources on all topics covered and places to get involved if you become so inclined as to take action.

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