By James Wadman

Diamondis is a love story that begins at the moment of a man’s untimely death. With the second hand on the clock poised in space, Tomas revisits the moments in his life that inspire the creation of his afterlife.


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We see those we loved when were children as angels, for we loved when we did not yet know the identity of humans or the significance of our warm-blooded biological nature. So when we recall these moments lost long ago to the ever growing, multiplying, and revising physiological processes that govern our accessible memories and cognition systems, we search for new explanations that make sense to our realistic perspective. It seems a shame, though. To me the nature and perspective of that love experienced by a child who does not have a complete grip of identity or biological realities is far nearer to the deeper love that we experience and cannot fully explain. Even when you can identify every force of true and deep love, there are mysteries in that love until the very end. Diamondis is a description of that love, marked by the promise of love’s permanence by a man who faces oblivion in his final second of consciousness.


Plot Summary

Tomas Stanton, a neuroscientist at Cornell, collapses the day before he leaves for New York City to begin a life in a lab coat. He learns that he has an inoperable brain tumor, but he will survive for as long as it remains in place. Shortly after moving to the city, Tomas gives up his career in medical research to write a reflection on his pending mortality. He crosses paths with a woman named Julia, who takes a sudden interest in his story. Just as soon as they fall in love, Tomas learns that his brain tumor has metastasized and they seek happiness together in the one year that remains in his life.

The Seeds of Diamondis


There are two seeds from which my first novel grew, both of which came to me in my dreams.  I saw death in a dream, and I wondered of the neurobiological implications of near-death experiences on the perception of time and space.  This became a simple question: can time collapse in the moments before death?  As I tried to answer this question, my mind was consumed by a beautiful concept of human potential.  Right before my eyes was a story, infinitely interwoven with the empowerment of dreams and human emotion—the perfect recipe for my first novel.  Wordless pages followed for months.  I left this story as only a thought in my mind, exploring the scientific concepts that would nurture the realism in my fictional work.  Science was the reason I was able to invent a story in creative space.

My second dream was less sophisticated but, in a way, monumentally more appealing.  I can’t remember what I saw (perhaps a flower or a tree, maybe even a patch of grass), but I was instantly drawn closer.  It was as if nothing in the world mattered as long as this hypnotic gradient of green shades, glittering in pale yellow sunlight.  It was in that moment that I knew that this idea I was entertaining for months was something I must write down, something I must share.  I awoke from this dream, for the first time really considering myself to be a writer.  I had the obligation of sharing what I had seen.  So as the science settled in my mind, I stepped back to write something more beautiful that only the magic of the human mind could bear.


Revelations // Diamondis #usefulsoul

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The Images of Diamondis

A pressing issue of modern literature is the assimilation of the written word into our modern gadgets. The storyteller now has the opportunity to easily combine multiple artistic forms to create a complete, distinct portrait. This is my goal with my novel, Diamondis. Before I release the text of the novel, I am releasing my images that accompany the story. These images are my creations based on my inspiration from the natural world, day-to-day life, and the storyline of Diamondis.



His tears were his first creations #Diamondis • • much credit due to @erondu and @unsplash

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Perceptive divinity / / Iceland

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