Mextures Formulas, By James Wadman

It should be no surprise that I am a big fan of photography and the new niche sub-genre of iPhone edits. I will be the first to admit that my skills in any visual art are far exceeded by professionals (and most amateurs), but I am grateful for the prevalence of all the little apps that allow me to just have fun with creative expression. Mextures is one of those apps that I enjoy so much I decided to spend sometime today writing about how I use the app and sharing some of my specific formulas. In order to elucidate the creative products of Mextures, I’m going to show off some edits from my Instagram pages:


The things Mother Nature gets to do when we aren’t around… #usefulsoul

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Some of My Mextures Formulas:

One of the best parts of mextures is the community on which it is built. This community stems from the fact that many users openly support each other by free creative licensing (or lack of specific licensing) and formula sharing. That is, any edit made on mextures can be condensed into a “formula” and then shared with anyone else who has the app. If you have a mextures app, accessing shared formulas is as simple as clicking the “Manage” button on the homepage of the app (it has a little flask-looking icon), then hit the red-orange plus.

Black and White Formula (BNW5, CODE: DSEHHYA)


Classic Formula (Classic, CODE: BYDQHIV)



Revelations // Diamondis #usefulsoul


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some other formulas to check out:

Universal Formula (UNIVERSAL, CODE: PXAIAQB)


Black and White Formula (BNW2, CODE: JFGCCR)