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If you would like your writing to be considered for my monthly creative writing and media submission feature, please submit your work below. Submissions do not have to be only writing.  Feel free to submit art, photography, video, music, mixed media, and any type of literature. I will select 1-5 submissions per month depending on the quantity of submissions.  If your work is not selected this month, do not resubmit.  It might just be that I want to save your work for another theme, or I was overloaded on submissions. However, feel free to submit as many new works as you want. I want to encourage high quality writing, media, and inspiration.  If you want to see when your work has been published, make sure to subscribe to my blog via email! Note: image uploads will fail if they are over 6000×6000 pixels.

Three quick rules (I don’t like rules, but I have to have them — don’t let these discourage submissions!):

  1. By submitting your work below, you are giving me the right to feature your writing on my website. You maintain all rights to your creative property, I just have the right to post it with credit to your name. However, by submitting you are giving me permission to reduce the length of your submission or revise any grammatical errors. If you believe your edited work does not reflect your initial intent, just let me know and I will take it down.
  2. Your submission must be YOURS. I cannot accept submissions that are previously featured on website, magazines, etc. with exclusive rights.  I cannot accept submissions from any author who is not you, including submissions on a friend or family’s behalf. This includes any media or feature image that accompanies your work. I will not demand exclusivity, myself.
  3. I cannot promise that submissions will be accepted. The act of submission does not guarantee publication.


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Please contact me with any questions, before, during, or after your submission!


-James Wadman

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