To Lucid Dream, series by James Wadman

Lucid dreaming is when we suddenly come to a conscious realization within a dream that we are, in fact, dreaming.  Those who remain in a dream state will have access to the controlled state of lucid dreaming in which anything and everything is possible.  Lucid dreaming occurs as a result of the physical barriers of sleep (discussed in my series Dream Dualism: part onepart two) remaining undisturbed while the conscious mind is awoken within a dream.  This places the dreamer in the heart of the dream with access to the limitless capability of the creative mind.

Given the chaotic nature of dreams, lucid dreaming may happen by chance, but more likely by practice, trial, and effort.  My methodology of lucid dreaming stems from the ability to comprehend how dreams feel, and how well reality and dreams can be differentiated.  To build this sense of awareness, I always ask myself while awake, am I dreaming? and answer immediately with, no I am awake.  After awhile, the mind gets used to wondering this question and suddenly the subconscious mind begins to ask the same question, only this time the answer is yes. 

You will most likely wake up immediately after this realization is made during your first few times.  You will learn from practice to not get too anxious when you lucid dream once you become accustomed to the altered, magnifying, and even paralyzing sensations of your dreams.  Sometimes you will realize that you are stuck in place or your legs become too heavy or uncontrollable.  Other times you will be overcome by magnified feelings of desire or fulfillment that make it difficult to stay asleep.  Remember that as you become closer to your dreams, you will become closer to conquering these sensations.

Once you have found yourself aware in a dream, the choice is yours.  You are in a frontier of the human mind that extends far beyond just the dreams you wake up and remember.  Here you can create with conscious ingenuity, free of all physical limitations.  The essence of lucid dreams is to seek the opportunity to capture the purest form of free will.

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5 thoughts on “To Lucid Dream, Part One

  1. Linda Visman - wangiwriter

    I have occasionally had lucid dreams, but haven’t learned yet how to do it by choice. You give what appears to be a very easy way of getting into your own dreams. :-)
    Many thanks for following my blog. :-)

  2. James Wadman Post author

    I hope you find a way if you so desire. Good luck in your travels, and thanks for stopping by :)

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